What is Microfiber?

Microfiber has a diameter of only 1㎛. (1/100 diameter of human hair). Minuscule spaces among fibers enable quicker absorbing and drying than ordinary cotton. Thanks to its very large surface area, Microfiber is very hydrophilic and has strong detergency. Thus, it is a great decomtamination material.  Microfiber also has other advantages like softness, and is used for various purposes.

Characteristics of Microfiber

  • Cleaning Efficiency
    Microfiber cleaning cloth has more than 40 times of cleaning surface area than other cleaning cloth. This efficient cleaning power can make you remove dirt, oil and dust easier and quicker.
  • Absorbility and Softness
    Due to microfiber's structure of micropores and softness, it is easy to stick dust, oil and grease on cleaning cloth without scratching delicate surface.
  • Eco-friendly
    You do not need to use any chemical or detergent together with microfiber cleaning cloth. Because it works great alone.

Micro Chamois

Sea & Island Staple Fiber


Comparison with human hair

DNS's micro chamois is made of sea & island type staple microfiber. The staple fiber consists of polyamide as island and easy soluble co-polyester as sea component. Thus, we call this sea & island microfiber. After dissolving the sea component by caustic soda solution, it is fibrillated to one thousandth of human hair, which gives the cloth great absorbance and softness. Then, the cloth becomes perfect alternative to genune chamois.

Manufacturing Process

Test Result

Comparison Chart