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DNS is a professional cleaning product manufacturer with advanced technology. We 
produce micro chamois, professional mops and microfiber cleaning cloth in Korea, Vietnam and China.

We supply our products to many partners around the world. We aim high to increase and sustain our company value so that we are a trustful and reliable business partner to our customers. We believe that the more we listen to our customers,  the better our business will be. We take actions with principles. If you are looking for a world-class manufacturer of micro chamois, professional mops or microfiber cleaning cloth, please let us know what you need. We will fulfill your demand.

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Micro Chamois (Non-woven Microfiber)


Micro chamois is non-woven microfiber synthetic leather made of sea-island staple fiber. When sea-island fiber is fibrillated, you get ultra microfiber, which is thinner than 1/1,000th of human hair. This feature gives micro chamois great absorbency. We also produce polyurethane-impregnated micro chamois with excellent durability. Micro Chamois has been loved by so many consumers world-widely. 


Professional Mops


Mops for professional floor cleaning.
We produce various type of mops, which meet your expectation and quality criteria. 


Microfiber Cloth


We have full facilities to produce high-quality microfiber cleaning cloths. You will see satisfactory products. We mean satisfactory Price and Quality.


Car Care


We have solid experience in car care products. Meet our products for washing, cleaning, polishing and shining windows.




Spin-pads, Mop Holders, etc.